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Vocal Recording Made Easy – The Gear You Need

Vocal Recording Made Easy - The Gear You Need
Don’t know much about audio gear? Never wrapped a single XLR cable in your life? No problem -says Darrell Smith

Not only are you capable of recording your own vocals – you owe it to yourself.

Why? – It will make you a better singer. Your development as a singer depends in part, on your ability to harness the technology that delivers your voice to the ears of your audience.

This video series will walk you through your first steps, starting with a cool demonstration of the gear you’ll need:

Download Darrell’s Gear Suggestions in this handy PDF.

Darrell Smith is a passionate audio engineer with world-class skill and a big heart. He’s not just a great sound engineer, multi-instrumentalist and teacher. Being married to a singer means that Darrell is in a unique position to understand vocal recording from both the engineer’s and the singer’s perspective.

With your new knowledge of recording, you will be able to hone your singing skills using the best feedback there is – the sound of your own voice coming back at you. Darrell says, “Your home studio is your musical kitchen. It is THE place to develop your craft.”Your home studio is your musical kitchen. It is THE place to develop your craft

Not only that, but you will learn about microphones, effects and how to help a voice sit prominantly in the mix. You will develop your signature sound.

Of course there will be times when a serious recording project requires that you pay a professional to get the job done – but make no mistake: with a little time, money and guidance, singers are capable of making professional-quality recordings of their own.

Stay tuned for episode #2 of Vocal Recording Made Easy where Darrell will talk about your recording space.

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Darrell Smith Bio

Darrell Smith is the Owner and Principle Designer at Kungpow Production. Kungpow is on a mission to remove the technical barriers to achieving your creative vision. If you’d like his help getting your worship team’s stage volume under control, you can find him at Kungpow Production.

Darrell’s gear list for recording vocals

  • Michael Vaughn

    Great article. Exactly what I need to see when I needed to see it. Thanks Darrell!
    Looking forward to the next episode.

  • Robert Lunte

    Darrell, I look forward to seeing your video series. Ya great! Here is a PDF of recommended gear that I give to my students and it can also be found at The Vocal Gear Store. http://bit.ly/RecommendedVocalGear & here is The Vocal Gear Store. http://bit.ly/TheVocalGearStoreNOW . To have your singing reviewed or to review vocal training programs before you invest, this service can also be of great help. http://bit.ly/TheModernVocalistWorldREVIEWMYSINGING.

  • Great info & Darrell is such a chill dude, it’s fun and easy to follow him. And the technical stuff is what is TOTALLY holding me back. I’ve had a TC-Helicon touch for 2 years–and I STILL don’t know how to use it because the technical things are so scary, I panic just looking at it! LOL, but sadly, true. I’m mad a myself for allowing the fear of buttons, machines, and cords to stop me. UGH!! BAD GIRL!!