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New Year’s Resolution Contest

Make a New Year’s Resolution and you might win!

The New Year is looming and, with it, hopefully a time to step away from the busy-ness and reflect a little on the coming year.

What might you do differently?  What risks would you like to take?  Or, simply, what are the ways you might treat yourself and those around you just a little bit better?

For your career as a vocalist these are critical questions.  As you consider your vocal performance, recording, songwriting and learning what is one thing you would like to resolve for the new year?

Just leave a comment at the end of this article which singles out one specific resolution at the end of this email and relate it to one of the many articles on the site.

It can be about anything related to being a vocalist: vocal health, performing, technique, business, promotion, motivation, technology, style—any of the categories we cover on VoiceCouncil.

The three top resolutions will receive a signed volume of their choice from one of VoiceCouncil authors.

Contest closes on 10 January

Simply leave your comment at the end of this article and you may be one of three winners.

  • ncarasis

    I have two new year's resolutions for 2010:

    1) Getting out and gigging at least once with my casual jam band
    2) Finish writing the lyrics to and lay down vocals on a friend's original project.

    I see both of these resolutions as realistic.


  • Well, this 2009 I have read several articles on this site (as well as other places) urging me NOT TO THINK, BUT TO DO. This coming 2010 I am committed to record and self-edit a CD on my own. “On my own” means outside my band, but of course I will invite some friens to take part. I will compose, write and sing all the songs (actually, I already have two lovely songs written this holidays). I hope to be able to share with all of you direct links to these recordings by the end of Summer. I am doing this because I find I can´t be 100% myself in a band. Somehow, I need to explore different paths and express other emotions that in a band have to be shared. “Don´t think it, do it” is a lovely article that has finally trigger my will towards this resolution.

    Hope you are all having a nice Christmas. My best wishes for 2010.

  • To try more diligently to find local gigs…

    To try to sing less off key!

  • rebelmc

    My resolution as a rock'n'roll covers band frontman is to broaden my skills by joining a gospel choir 'cause I spent a day singing gospel harmonies and absolutely loved the new direction :-)

    Oh, and to write a song of my own.


  • Kay Sera

    My resolution is to lose weight…and to get a tub chair.. so I got the Rice Krispies etc. for the 4 day program. I will start tomorrow I think. I have to reread the first phase. Diets are expensive because of fresh produce. I feel for the poor who cannot afford the good foods they so badly need to prevent health problems. There is so much our country could do (AKA with their stimulus money) to improve the quality of people’s lives.

  • Sarah Melville

    My New Years Resolution is to work on developing the right hand side of my brain. I'm going to do this by learning to play the piano with both hands and learn to draw with my left hand.
    This should increase my general creativity, my confidence and my overall musical ability as well as being bloody good fun and adding more to my singing repertoire!
    Happy New Year to you all xx

  • jonhack

    My twenty ten resolution which impacts directly on my performances both in rehearsals and playing live is to get more sleep – at least eight hours every night with only a few exceptions. This makes me brighter, more rational to deal with challenges AND positively impacts on lessening my alcohol intake which affects my fitness and voice! Simple but effective and four days in I can already feel a difference!!

  • Name

    It was suggested that I link my resolution with one of the articles on this site. I think that it links in really well with the work of Dr Susan Raeburn, whose articles can be found in the “Soul” section. She has written numerous articles on creative health and looking after ourselves in a spiritual way. In accepting that this is a new skill I'll be learning I'm hoping not to give myself too hard a time if it seems like I'm struggling to start with. The right side of my brain has got 30+ years of catching up to do with the left!

  • G_Barker

    Drum Roll! The Winners of our New Year’s Contest Are:
    ‘Paco’, ‘Name’ and ‘JonHack’ – You can read their resolutions here. Winners are asked to contact the VoiceCouncil editor to claim their prizes. Congratulations!

  • mike

    Pity i missed this – my resolution is simply to drink more – it is so easy travelling to dehydrate and it makes such a massive impact to performance, an it is so easy to forget.

    On a personal note – It is strange how bizarre some resolutions are – on a personal level i have decide to trash the lounge furniture and leave very few items including a s leather tub chair so strange we should both pick that.

  • MXcara

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