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Vocal Versatility

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Vocal Versatility – Vocalist Insight 43
Vocal Coach and Rehabilitation Specialist Dane Chalfin www.21stcenturysinger.co.uk urges singers to focus on ‘evidence’ not ’eminence’ when seeking voice training.

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  • Herman Kappen

    Thank you for sharing this insight! I have noticed the difference between, say, a “rough” voice that sounds natural (i.e. using the right technique) and one that sounds unnatural (possibly leading to hoarseness afterwards). It’s a refreshing idea that the starting point of a vocal lesson could be the teacher actually asking the student HOW they would LIKE to sound…

  • Dane Chalfin

    You are quite right. Research shows that ‘rough’ vocal effects can be produced in non-damaging ways. Have a look at Cathrine Saddolin and Julian McGlashen’s research in this field.

  • Dane,

    This is great stuff…a must have mentality for any modern singer…fatten up that bag of tricks!!!



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