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Vox Arsana – Grenade cover

Vox Arsana is a powerful mixture of a vocal quartet and excellent instrumental accompaniment. Their on-stage explosiveness combines modern gospel, superior pop and original music – flavored with the sensuality of soul, jazz harmonies and rhythms and the dynamic flamboyance of polyphonic singing.

  • Mlck

    These guys are absolutely awesome…….Totally blew me away

  • Hello Vox,

    It’s not often we get a cappella videos like this.  You all sing great together.  I really like the fellow’s voice, on the left hand side.  Imho if the rest of you were to adapt the kind of personal flavor that he has, it might really add a modern sound and commercial edge to your format.  Thanks for sharing.



  • Dang!! I don’t hear too many singers this talented. Amazing!