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How to Not Blow Out Your Voice – ‘Weird Al’ & Lisa Popeil


“If you’re a performing singer, you need to know how to not blow your voice out.” -says ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

A number of years ago, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic asked me to help him to not lose his voice on the road.

Today, I’m going share some of the principles I’ve taught him.

He shares his technique challenge in the video just below and then I share some basic principles with you that can lead to you not blowing out your voice.

So here are my 7 top tips for making sure you don’t ever blow out your voice:

1. Don’t over warm-up. Save your best stuff for the stage.

2. Light lip trills are great for the vocal folds. But always with upper belly-out, lower belly-in support.

3. On the road, one must be a ‘vocal monk’, speaking carefully and minimally.

4. Sirens from one’s lowest notes to highest notes keep the vocal folds flexible- like yoga for your voice.

5. Overuse your face, lips and jaw to help your sound carry with minimal use of the vocal folds.

6. Never press your vocal folds, and if you must scream, do it in falsetto!

7. Imagine singing through your face, not your throat.

You can watch this for more detail:

Lisa Popeil is a top LA voice coach. She’s the creator of the Voiceworks® Method, the ‘Daily Vocal Workout for Pop Singers’ CD/download and the ‘Total Singer’ DVD program. She offers Skype lessons through www.popeil.com