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What Do You Think of the X Factor, etc.?

This week we’re looking at the phenomenon of the TV Talent Show

TV talent shows such as American Idol and The Voice have divided opinion among musicians and vocalists across the globe. Sometimes these shows have opened our eyes to incredible talent – think of Susan Boyle. However, many have argued that the ‘fast track’ path to fame presented in these shows is a false economy. This week we’d love to hear the vocalists take on the ‘TV Talent Show’.

So the question is: In your opinion, do TV talent shows such as the X Factor and The Voice have a positive or negative effect on the industry?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked:  As an artist, what methods do you use (websites, forums, mailing lists etc) to keep in touch with your fans?

Kerry Garside Commented:

“Pretty well only facebook and email at the moment … trying to direct traffic to my website – try to not be too pushy or anything”.

The Vocalist Studio, United Kingdom responded:

“To broadcast: sites etc. To engage: Twitter”.

Keep the feedback coming guys, your opinions really do matter to us.

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  • R Sheen

    S**t… this kind of show has damaged real talent for celebrity status… We need a show…something that allows real talent to break through. Other then feeding the pockets of manufactured TV shows aimed at ratings, But something which is based around promoting the artists. Lose the judges, let the public decide.
           Their are many fantastic performers out their who are just waiting to be heard, but these kind of shows just based on manufacture, run by an untalented bunch of media staff who do not have a clue what the public really want to hear & force a lot of talent-less wanna-be’s on the nation who really, above the age of 12, do not have that much of a desire to hear… I once took part in an X factor audition & the whole thing is all a bit laughable.. they already know what kind of singer they are looking for before the auditions start ( the ones seen on TV) & get rid of anyone who is not mainstream.. the rest are picked up off the streets for TV purposes, just to fill a gap, for what is meant be classed as public entertainment & to fill Simon Cowells purse. roll on the day that it comes to an end… thanks for the moan…blah,blah