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Your Top Causes of Vocal Trouble

Your Top Causes of Vocal Trouble
This month we asked our Facebook family…

What is the one sure-fire factor that causes you vocal trouble?

The answers divided themselves into 2 categories: ‘environmental’, where germs or allergens conspire against you, and ‘psychological’ where you conspire against yourself!

Suzanna Woods said:

“I’ve discovered after singing at a dinner/dance recently that main courses involving smoking fat in the air and pepper immediately catches my throat.”

Iain Roy Orbison suffers at the hands of “plug in air fresheners” whereas Sandra Elliot’s voice hates “perfumes”.

The airborne allergies may even be your home town as Rick Shields points out:

“Sinus Hell here in Louisville”

Paul Gill adds:

“Everything about the city of Las Vegas.”

Although he may have been talking about the excessive lifestyle rather than the desert!

Nancy Leblanc says her anxiety causes the most vocal trouble:

“I just tend to worry that I’m not as good as someone else they heard, or sang with, or that I have nothing to offer/give because I’m not as experienced or knowledgeable as someone else they may have jammed or sang with. Silly I know, but when it crosses the mind, then I just chicken out and don’t dare.”

Da-ale Mack has an interesting spin on the function of pre-gig jitters:

“Not allowing the “nerves” to do their natural job of waking up my body’s instinct to prepare for an adrenaline rush…Jumping into a set cold turkey.”

Finally, Mark Ryan says:

“Too much conversation before a set” causes him vocal trouble.

So warm up and shut up to keep your voice in prime gig condition.

In February we will be asking how you inspire yourself. Join in the conversation on our Facebook page!

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