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What Is Your Vocal Warm-Up Routine On A Gig Day?

What Is Your Vocal Warm-Up Routine On A Gig Day?
This month we asked our Facebook community to share their favourite gig-day warm up routines.

Many of you shared great tips to make sure your voice was in top form, demonstrating you treat your voice with the respect it deserves!

Stephanie Hladowski shared this tip highlighting hydration and rest:

Apparently to really hydrate the vocal folds you need to be drinking plenty of water the DAY BEFORE performing. Also, it’s good to rehearse pieces silently in your head. Your muscles work subtly without working too hard. Rest before singing is important.

Carlos Los Castro continued:

All of the above. Then add a stretching routine. My voice tends to mirror how limber my body feels.

Jane West advocated the classic siren warm up:

Lip trills and sirens throughout the day, then a few more before gig time!

Joanie Stewart also understands the importance of slowly stretching your range:

Scales and arpeggios in the car on the way. Starting mid, then warming lower register before warming high.

Morne Gabriels likes to be on the go:

Singing along to my favourite songs in the car to gigs…with half my normal gusto.

So does Trellanie TrellGurl Garland:

Water and singing my fave tunes on the way.

Iain Sparks Orbison Tribute lists his pre-gig routine:

I just gently run through a few stretching phrases in the morning to see if my throat is froggy, drink a few teas, get to the show, one or two arpeggios, a little lie down for 30 mins if possible, and then hit the boards baby!

Michael Pecina tunes into the spiritual realm:

Sunkist and a prayer. Always thanking God for letting me do what I do.

Finally, something singers can all agree on: Hydration, rest and gentle warm ups are the key to a healthy, efficient and enjoyable performance!

Next month we ask you which songs you add to a set to energize the audience. By answering you could win a TC-Helicon Mic Mechanic or a copy of our book, The Ultimate Guide of Singing! Join in the conversation on our Facebook page.

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  • Rahere

    I also use an NV neck muscle warm up routine, keeping my head vertical while slowly circling on V5 while I rekey to the lowest and highest notes. It gets the blood into all the neck muscles and larynx so it’s at maximum responsiveness, and adds to a sense of presence. I always use the same routine, as it keys a decision to perform with intelligent awareness, planning ahead so i’m in control doing what I’ve decided to do. A good routine will get you set regardless of how awful you feel, it brings back the memories of the great ones so they inform this one.