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What Live Mic Works Best For YOU?

What Live Mic Works Best For YOU?This month we asked our Facebook community which microphones they preferred to use for their live performances.

favourite mic pie chart

Safe to say, the old time classics held their own, with Shure’s SM58 and Beta 58 neck and neck. Sennheiser models proved popular, and a few of you would rather perform with wireless models from Line 6 and Electro-Voice.

Paul Stuart Davies prefers his SM58:

“There may well be better mics out there but why mess with the most reliable and versatile mic ever made?”

Mechelle Jernigan Herrington adds:

“SM58 is tried and true”

Natalie Agostinho flys the flag for the Sennheiser e935 and says:

“My poor old Shure doesn’t even come close”

Barry Wilson shops around:

“I have a 58 and a Beta 58 but recently got the TC-Helicon MP75 in a package with the Voice Live Touch 2 and have been quite happy with it”

Jan Schaloske agrees that the MP mics are a great alternative:

“I Would love to use my Line 6 XD-V75, but its dropping out now and then, so I’m mostly wired – TC-Helicon MP-76

Both Kevin Salyer and Jane West love their EV wireless microphones.

Paul Gerald Williams and Heidi Kerr are partial to Line 6 mics.

John Allen and Demetri Melis say the EV 767 is the best choice.

Other favourite microphones included the AKG D5, the Heil Sound Pr 35, and the Audix OM2, suggesting that different microphones suit different voices, venues and musical styles. It pays to shop around!

Next month we ask you to share your top tips for keeping your voice strong and healthy – should be a great discussion! Join in on the VoiceCouncil Facebook page.

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  • keith

    interesting that the bulk of choices are fairly low-end, beginner’s mics. Wait until those folks get their hands on a good mic like an Audix OM3/5/7, Sennheiser e865, dpa stuff or… gasp, the Neumann 104/105’s.

  • USN69

    I think mics are like guitars. It doesn’t matter who makes it, or how much it costs, orwhether it’s cool or not. What matters is the sound you get out of it. I don’t like the Sure 57-58. They are not a clear sound. I do best with the Beringer mikes. I do acoustic solos. They do great with the Voicetouch.

  • Ben Brady

    I’ve been using my TC Electronics MP-75 for about 6 months now. It’s a great replacement for my 25 year old Audix OM-2b.