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What Aspect of Technique is the Most Important?

This month we asked our Facebook community: What is the most important aspect of your technique to check and maintain? 

You lot really seem to know what you’re talking about with regards to your own singing practice and the sharing of knowledge!

Kathleen Connell clarifies that singing is a holistic act and that technique is a whole package:

Neil VanEerde gives a unique perspective from the rhythm section:

Dabney Ross Jones has found his singing sweet spot:

Jay Hepple explains how his sweet spot helps the rest of his technique fall into place:

Diane Pettipas focuses on having an efficient vocal set-up:

Mark Ryan goes easy on his high notes:

Suzi Burgerova brings it home by reminding us that it all starts in the brain:

Next month we ask how you have dealt with stage fright. Join the conversation on the VoiceCouncil Facebook page. 

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