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Singing Competition Rules

A single vocal take. We want one live take where video and audio of your lead vocal are captured together and not spliced together from several takes. Whether you are singing to a backing track or using live instruments – we always want the lead vocal to have been done live.

A clear view of your face. This doesn’t need to be close up – but we do need to see you singing. You can be on stage in your living room, etc. the location doesn’t matter as long as we can see you. This will help your online audience feel the emotion in your performance

Decent video and audio. You do NOT need to submit a professional video, but whether you are using your computer’s webcam or smart phone or more expensive gear we do want to have a steady image in which you can be heard and seen clearly.

Age and genre diversity. We enjoy a wide range of genres at VoiceCouncil sung by a wide range of ages; however, we use discretion from submissions from singers who are not yet adults.

Get right to your singing. Excessive talking at the beginning of your video is a ‘no-no.’ We want you to launch into your singing as soon as possible.

Recently Posted. We don’t want videos that are too old – make sure that the video you share with us was put up on YouTube within 12 months of the date you submitted it to this contest.

Final notes:

Be patient with us: We typically run up to a year ahead with our competition. This means that when you submit a video, it may be chosen to appear up to a year from the date of your submission. We recommend you subscribe to our Coaching Advice Newsletter to keep track of the contest and check the submissions page.  We can’t respond to individual emails asking for information about submissions; however, you can always submit more than once.

Get involved.  The strength of VoiceCouncil is you, our singing community. Leave your comments on other submissions.  We recommend that these be encouraging in nature – you are motivating your peers as they take the important step of sharing their voice with others.

Winter Competition 2016: we hope to have two ’rounds’ of the contest. If entrants make it through to the semi-finals, we’ll invite them to enter a second video for the final round, within some constraints. When it comes to choosing the overall winner, we will base our judgement only on this final round performance, not the original entry.

-The VoiceCouncil Team

  • Orion

    Do you guys accept singers who are not from USA?

  • Yes, absolutely.

  • Leanne Gielens

    Hi do you accept classical pieces such as art songs and or arias in other languages other than English?

  • new york rose

    can i blur my face pls i cant show my face on youtube the song i going to sing is one of my own