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What We Liked About Your Website

Here are five themes that came up when I (anonymous web-designer guy) looked at loads of VoiceCouncil member websites. If you make a few easy changes to your website, I believe you’ll stand a better chance of getting noticed – and getting business.

We liked your sites when they had brief but important pieces of information on the home page.

For example, a short piece of text, a sound-bite, a video (just one), a few relevant and recent news items and a clear indication of what is on the rest of the site.

In other words, your homepage should not be a novel and it should definitely not scroll down forever like a MySpace page.

One way to think of a homepage is as an intriguing advertisement for what people can find on the rest of your website.

Many VoiceCouncil sites had nice photos that made you look professional.

If you’re in doubt as to the quality of your photos, look around at competitor’s websites and ask for the opinions of your friends—maybe a budding photographer will help you out.

Let your galleries become interactive—using software such as Zenphoto to enable people to comment on photos.

Zenphoto is one of many graphical forums; it’s quick, interesting and you can update the photographic content with ease.


We liked sites that featured a quote or a mission statement that told us exactly who you were; keep this brief and to the point.

If you don’t have a mission statement, you might consider using a short sentence that sells you as an artist, one that points to how you are unique, and you might consider keeping this in the header so that it is seen at all times.

VoiceCouncil’s mission statement is a good example of brevity and preciseness: “Practical Insight for the Emerging Vocalist”—it’s short and memorable and tells you what to expect.

Can you come up with something as brief and pithy to describe you and your music?


I liked one particular site that featured a music clip with the vocalist explaining their artistic strengths. I urged this artist to move the clip to his homepage and give the user the option of listening while navigating the rest of the site.

Remember, a site is different from a book—it’s an audio-visual experience.


We really liked it when your graphics were a part of telling us who you are.

Take a look at Over Drive’s home page—very creative, very well done!

Remember, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to do this: get a pen and pencil, make a list of ideas, take a look at other websites and think of some images that go with the sounds for which you are best known.

Then get some sleep, take a walk and let the ideas come.

Test your ideas on others before you commit to a designer.

When it comes to a designer, remember my earlier advice about price

Who Am I?

We’re still not telling you who I am—I’m swamped with web design work at the moment—but if the situation changes I’ll be sure to get the VoiceCouncil editor to reveal my identity!

For the time being, I’m more than willing to answer your questions—it will help me to write my next article for VoiceCouncil! Just leave a comment below in the ‘Add a New Comment’ section.

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© Gregory A. Barker August 2009. Greg is a writer and editor living in the heart of Wales.

  • I have created a web site for my band with no template and no editor. Everything is html ìntroduced via notepad. We would really appreciate you comments and suggestions, Mr.Unknown.


  • Stringhawk

    Paco – You did that with notepad? Nice job! While I am not completely bilingual, I could understand most of your site, and I definately liked the music and vocals. I'm a high school teacher and I hope you would not mind me sharing your site with the teachers that could use your site as a teaching tool for language and culture?

  • Paco

    Stringkawk: I feel absolutely surprised that you liked it that much. Yes, it has been done with notepad, in html and a bit of javascript. Of course you are welcome to share it with whoever you want to. If it is for teaching purposes, I can provide the lyrics. We feel proud of them (sorry if it sounds pedantic, we believe them to be one of our most solid assets). Under the menu on the left side there are two flags where you can switch either to English or to Spanish. The translation is mine, so you will find a whole lot of terrible mistakes. Please, any correction will be appreciated. Thanks for your words about our music.

  • garymckinney

    Enjoyed your article. If you have time, check out http://www.BritishInvasionGo.com. It's our band's website. I took your comment to heart about the first page not scrolling on ad infinitum but it contains our setlist (which is ever-growing) that presents a problem. Do you think we should move the setlist to another page perhaps?