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What’s On Your Singing Wish List?

This week we’re looking at the vocalist’s festive wish list

With Christmas day just around the corner it’s time to take a look at your vocal wish lists for the festive season. Perhaps it’s that new dynamic microphone you’ve had your eye on, or a new PA system that would really help elevate your performances to the next level. Maybe you yearn for a bigger vocal range or even just a few more gigs in the calendar. Whatever it is, this week we want to hear about it.

So the question is: As a vocalist, if you could have one thing for Christmas what would it be and why?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: Do you / have you ever used in-ear monitors during a gig? If so, how have they helped or perhaps even hindered your performance?

Joanie Penman wrote…

“I have used them for five years. Helps with my tinnitus, and I only have to have it loud enough for me to hear, rather than having a wedge speaker competing with the main PA”.

Helen Davies commented…

“Always used Shure in ears – they are a bloody fortune, but well worth it. If you are in a live band, they cut out the drum crashes and help if your voice is competing with the guitar on stage. I always ask for a flat vocal mix (ie no reverb) to give you a true vocal sound, I find this makes your singing more precise”.

Chris Johnson posted…

“In-ears are a great investment. The day I bought mine my voice improved in so many ways, especially efficiency, which really helped my gig schedule. It so easy to push it when you can’t hear yourself properly, and when you play with a live band that is highly likely. I’ve used a set of Shure’s for the last 3 years as they have the best standard headphone if you can’t afford molded ones. Although they are very expensive, I’ve worked out the “price-per-wear” over my gigs to be £1.50 so far. That is definitely worth it”.

Thank-you once again for all your discerning remarks. Merry Christmas & festive wishes to all of you.

All the best,