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When You Can’t Seem To Succeed As A Singer

Mark_Baxter brandingThe solution is not always lessons – it may be finding a better situation -says Mark Baxter.

I get inquiries from singers in distress all the time: need more range, need more stamina, need more money!!

I’m sure none of these are a surprise.

But what may surprise you is the solution is not always lessons – it’s simply finding a better situation.

Struggling with songs that are out of your range, struggling to belt over jet-engine amplifiers and struggling to endure marathon sets is a sure sign that you are also struggling with your identity.

You certainly can improve your range, power and stamina but vocal exercises don’t have a chance if you’re not singing music that moves you.

There’s nothing wrong with belting high and hard all night long if you love it.

There’s nothing worse if you don’t.

The most common reason for compromise is convenience.  Your friends ask you to join their band (because none of them sing!).

Your girlfriend or boyfriend wants to start a band (worst idea ever!).

Or you join a band because they say they have connections (which is never true when a band has no singer!).

Chalk these up to “live and learn” but only after you move on.

Staying too long in the wrong situation will make you feel like a sub-par singer.

When you sing songs that reflect who you are people notice.  They’ll say you’re great and they’ll pay to hear you sing.

The ability to draw a crowd and make money is a sure sign that the band you’re in is a great fit.

Obviously that’s the dream!

So what are you waiting for?

If you’ve been struggling for a year or two with little to show – it’s time to have a long talk with the person in the mirror.

Because that person must be on your side, if you really want your career to take flight!

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