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Where Do You Put Your Monitors Onstage?

Know the critical relationship between your mic’s polar pattern, your monitors and the ugly prospect of feedback -says Craig Fraser

Product specialist Craig Fraser shows how you can achieve the optimal placement of your super-cardioid microphone onstage so that your performance can run without an audio hitch.


Craig Fraser is a Product Specialist at TC-Helicon Vocal Technologies. He is involved in product development, technical writing, customer service and videography. Prior to this, he was Director of Operations at Marble Wave Sound Design. www.tc-helicon.com

  • Bill

    It is my understanding that Cardioid mics, SM58 for example, have maximum rejection directly off the back and the monitor should be placed directly in front of the singer. Super Cardioid mics, Electro-Voice N/D967 for example, should have the monitors oriented as in the video – see http://korosikb.com/cardioid-vs-supercardioid-patterns/

  • Yes, that is correct. Ideally you want to place your monitor facing the direction where your microphone is least sensitive. On cardioid microphones such as the Shure 58 this will be facing directly towards you, whereas with super-cardioid microphones such as the Shure Beta 58, you are better placing your monitors at around 30-45 degrees off from the back of the mic. I think in the video he is talking about positioning monitors when using the TC-Helicon MP75, which is why he focuses on supercardiod patterns.