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White Christmas – Sung By Elisha Jordan

  • Hi Elisha!

    Thanks for the Christmas Chimes! Great vid…did you do the backdrops yourself? Smart! Hey, ya’ have a great voice and seems like ya’ know where you fit in with your voice and image…again, smart video…thanks for sharing! Love your vibrato and enunciation :)



  • Sesilona

    Great powerful performance, I love the way you sing!! It’s so grand! It’s funny, but you remind me of Sara Montiel (Spanish singer/actress)! Yo look so alike! Merry Christmas to you too!

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  • Michael Panhofer

    A very beautiful voice – a joy to listen. Have nice 2011 :-)
    Best regards, Michael

  • Sensational, loved it Elisha, congratulations on a beautiful song and vid.

  • greg

    From Donna McElroy: Elisha, I only have to close my eyes and I’m taken back to “the DAY”!!!! Excellent rendition of a holiday standard that’s been done by so many people, yet you made it your OWN!! Great job, Elisha. I urge you to apply more of your head voice to your general sound. Then we’ll be used to it when you do have to use it. Generally people call this mixing, but I think it will help your overall pitch distribution and support to sing using this lighter approach to improve and maintain the richness that’s naturally there and guard against developing too much of a break in the registers!