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Who Will Be the Winner of our Singing Competition?

Who will be the Winner of our Singing Competition?

Back in November 2014 we told you about our exciting new singing competition. Well now we’re drawing closer to the moment of truth – who will be the deserving winner of our competition?

The VoiceCouncil Team is looking for certain qualities in the videos you have sent us – not only do we want a singer that sounds good but we also want that streak of individuality, a unique performance that shows us who YOU are! In addition to the vocal coaches’ hand picked finalists, we will be selecting our very own wildcard – so if you entered a video you may still be in with a chance!

Here are our current finalists:

Béla Becht

Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

belabechtcommentWhy I chose Béla Becht as a Finalist
I am choosing Bela to move forward into the finals as I think he has a unique voice and style. His rendition of the song is truly individual and there is something captivating about the way he sings it. I would also like to hear more from him and his excellent voice.

See Béla Becht’s video!

Lance Boughner

All Too Well

lanceboughnercommentsWhy I chose Lance Boughner as a Finalist
Lance you clearly have some distinct musical intuition and your voice seems to be translating your ideas with ease. You have some really exciting potential as a singer, and as you are emerging into your career, I’d really encourage you to take your time engaging with your lower register.

See Lance Boughner’s video!

Spencer Lord

Let Her Go

spencerlordcommentWhy I chose Spencer Lord as a Finalist
I’m choosing Spencer Lord to move ahead as a finalist because I appreciate his delicate and soulful voice, and the passion with which he performs.

See Spencer Lord’s video!

The Wildcard


We want your input!

Take a listen to the competition entries that were published between September 30th and January 15th and let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite and why! Does their voice have a beautiful quality and tone? Do you like their unique personality and style? Or does their song just make you feel good?

Tell us who you think deserves to win in the comments below!

Are you a singer yourself? Disappointed that you missed the deadline? Never fear – our next competition is already underway and we’re still accepting entries. Enter our next competition!

  • Cathy Hallessey

    Hi there. Two of my young vocal students, both age 12, entered the competition but I have never seen their entries posted. They are Abigail Moffitt and Karolina Moo. They sent separate submissions. Both girls are very talented for their young age. Can you let me know if you ever saw their video submissions? Or are just a random selection of contestants’ entries featured here? Thanks.
    Cathy Hallessey

  • fan of music and great singers

    I second Cathy question. Its cool and fun to enter contests but it would also be good to see all the submissions so we can learn and have fun and see and share everyone’s work and talent. Thanks again for having the contest.

  • Hi Cathy – all submissions are watched & considered – we have had so many, that the most recent submissions will be a part of our January-July run. Not all submissions make it to posting; however, singers are invited to submit as many times as they like. All best wishes.

  • Hi – thanks for your comment – yes, we strive to do this; however, some submissions fall below a standard level: we require that singers be able to be seen (no slideshows) and that they clearly show the singer singing a song in live take (not overdubbed).