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Why Do You Sing?

Finding your own answer always sets you free –says Anders Ørsager of Basix.

Sometimes I find myself scrolling down through the YouTube comments on my own work and the work of others.

Then I come across some really insensitive person who blurts out:

“Get a REAL job.”

At first, I’m totally deflated for myself or on behalf of my fellow vocalist.

How does one deal with such a heartless and insensitive reaction?

Of course, we must not place much value on an anonymous rogue comment – far better to trust our friends and teachers, those who care about us and invest in our lives.

But there’s another way to deal with this comment – I let it drive me back to a basic question…

The Basic Question

Why do I sing?

How do you answer this?

Hopefully you are not singing in order to get only good comments on YouTube!

Here the list of reasons that my hearts speaks to me when I am seeking a way through the challenges of the performing life:

• Singing allows me to meet other people.
• Singing allows me to cross barriers like religion, sexual preferences and political positions.
• Singing in a group or with a band improves my social skills, behavior and leadership – it makes me a better team player.
• Singing helps me connect valuable messages in music to the lives of those around me.

AND it does all of this whether or not I become a superstar!

YOUR Right Answer

So my advice when you get the comment, “get a real job!” is to go back to the basic question – why do I sing?

‘Cause to me it’s just as legal to say – “because I love it”, “it makes me happy”, “it makes me feel free” as it is to say, “I wanna be a star”.

And if you ask yourself this question and manage to find YOUR right answer, then a lot of things will make much more sense and your frustrations will diminish.

-Anders Ørsager of Basix

My Reactions to this Week’s Peer Review Vids

Katie Chance – Do it like a Dude (cover)

Katie, you’re a great singer, with a great voice. Having achieved what you have, this is a good time to step back from your YouTube performances and ask about where you’d like to travel with your singing. I think you are having a great time with various genres and what I am taking away from your music is a sense of being impressed with what you can do rather than why you are doing it. I think this is a valid direction for any vocal artist at certain stages of their development. So your question is, do you want your audience to continue responding to you in this way AND when will you want to focus on performances which will connect us more strongly to your ‘why?’ – this is an open question that will be meaningful for you to answer in your own way.

Holly Stewart – Love on the First Night (original)

I love your songs and your no-nonsense-way of presenting them to me. Also, I think you are a great singer with a talent for story telling. My first impression is that here is a girl that wants me to see a different type of singer cause she’s not in an usual singing “environment” – is that what you try to do? I think it’s an effective presentation – it caught my attention! In order to refine further your already strong musicality, I would suggest that you practice with a metronome to increase your rhythmic precision.

-Anders Ørsager of Basix

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With a grand total of 4 international CARA awards, including “Best European Album” and “Best Holiday Album” the Danish vocal pop group Basix has proven themselves to be among the very best of a cappella groups worldwide. Follow the group on www.basix.dk or www.facebook.com/basix

  • Why do I sing? That’s easy – because I want to!

  • Anthony Robbins

    http://voicecouncil.com/leave-a-comment-and-win-again/ Very beautifulI love your blog. I’ll certainly be peeping into it frequently.

    Yes you have definitly right with that post.

  • Setsuna_lover_365

    why do i sing? Because it makes me feel free and forget about all the sad things in my life and focus on the positive things in my life. I sing because i want to and because singing chose me, I didn’t choose singing. I believe that singing should be a dream that keeps people going. I also helps me to get over the sad things and helps me make a hard decision