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Will Spears – Beneath The Lights (Original)

Bio: hi, im will spears and I am 18 years old and attend the university of missouri-kansas city. my first video on voicecouncil was a very bad recording and I just wanted to redeem myself, all of the comments last time were so helpful and I hope you can hear everything better this time.

  • David Mercier

    Hi WIll, i really dug your vocal style and timbre right off, it really feels good to listen to your amazing ability to express a mood, and you can really tell a story in your songs, that’s worth listening to. I felt like i was listening to a blend of Bob Dylan and Brian Adams in your voice, it has such a rich character. I look forward to seeing an album of yours on the market someday soon. Thank you for that wonderful song. Sincerely, David Mercier.

  • Alright Brother Will!Hat’s off to you for taking the constructive criticisms of your last performance and doing something about it. Ok, your voice is pretty cool…I dig the husky sound of it. You’re still thinking too much but I can’t knock it cause this vid is light years past the last one…now that you’ve got all the past stuff down…how about practicing relaxing…this songs wants to coo like a summer’s breeze and right now it has a biting flavor vs. velveteen. You’re doing great Will, I’m really proud of you :)Namaste,Brian

  • Wspears0425

    Thanks so much for all the feedback!

  • Sarah Bella

    Really enjoyed the smooth vocals and laid back vibe! Let that laid back style relax you too :)

  • Andynjas

    Really cool. Reminded me of john Mayer. Jeep going!
    Jas from Australia

  • Barry Wilson

    Great song. Made we want to jam right along. Best song on here I have listened too. Bravo.