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Will Spears – Change

Love this site, keeps giving me great constructive feedback, I love to improve. Please keep giving me things to work on, music is my passion and its something ill work on as hard as i have to. Thanks. WILL.

  • Chrisopher

    It sounds very good to me! But we need to be more radical if notice is your game?

  • Wspears0425

    what do you mean exactly?

  • Anonymous

    Love the intensity, the drive, the confidence in performance – you have so many excellent qualities to build on. Keep doing more of what you are doing.

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  • Hi Will,

    Hey brother, you just keep getting better and better…of all who have submitted to the peer reviews…I feel you’ve shown the greatest progress over the shortest amount of time. I’m proud of you for all the wood you’ve been shedding. Your voice is greatly improving also…the breathy coo is really coming along! So, superficial as it may seem…your image is lacking the visual that your music creates in my mind. Not saying you need to put on platform shoes and glitzy garb…but perhaps something a bit more crisp? Class it up brother cos your music is going in that direction. I look forward to more :)



  • I think what @Chrisopher means is that you need to more distinguishable if mainstream pop attraction is your goal, Will.

    I like your guitar playing, and the song is well written. Your vocals (and the choice of electric guitar as an instrument) really reminds me of John Mayer. Any chance you take after him?


  • Mark Kasson

    Hey, Will. First time I’m hearing you and I think its both fantastic and very commercial. I agree with Endy’s noting the similarity to Mayer; maybe a hint of Jack Johnson, etc. But make no mistake you’re also quite unique. Good chord voicings and lines.
    You might switching from breathy voice to full voice at various points and using one to highlight the other.
    Donna’s point about the song structure focusing on what appears to be choruses rather than verses in the later half is a good one. Consider bringing us back into the story at the end.
    All in all, great job!

  • Doug Corbino

    That was awesome! The acoustic-type guitar rhythm goes great with the breathy vocals. I notice you loose the rhythm in a couple of parts though, when you’re doing some short licks. You might work on that a little with a metronome or drum machine, but really, your chording is so melodic and rhythmic, you really don’t need those little licks to fill it in. If I were playing that groove, I’d leave em’ out. I would love to hear a full-band production of this!

  • Wspears0425

    He’s the reason I got into guitar about a year and a half ago, he is definitely my musical icon. ha