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Will Spears – Gone or Leaving (Original Song)

  • Ian.J.

    Sorry Will, But could'nt hear your voice, only that painfull guitar plucking.

  • From what I could hear of your voice… it sounded great….. sort of a John Mayer style… and the guitar plucking is not dreadful, just too much out front compared to the vocal.
    Redo it with vocal out front and it will help a lot!

  • Hi Will,

    I definitely never want to discourage any budding artists but there are some key elements that you need to be aware of when submitting your art to your public. This is the “Voice” council so of course we're going to want to hear your voice above all else. When singing against an amped guitar rig, you'll need to make sure you mic your voice as well. I have to listen hard but it sounds as though you have kind of a John Mayer approach…the guitar riff is redundant and designed to back up your voice. You may want to track your guitar and just sing along with it, as it seems that you are distracted by playing your axe and barely engage us out here in your internet audience. I encourage you to take this song, re-evaluate what your doing and bring your voice to focus so that we can give you a better breakdown of how your song resonates with us :)



  • No one believes me that there are a lot of other guys named Will Spears, but as a Will Spears, I'm glad you have talent. Nice song. I like the lyrics and your voice is smooth.

  • will spears

    wow. thank you everyone for comments, its incredible to have this kind of feedback and i know its an awful recording and i shouldnt have put it up but it was my first video, so it was kind of a bumpy start. but please listen to my other songs on youtube. thank you. willspears2010. Thanks again for all the feedback.

  • Avelyne

    Like the melody and the picking. Too bad I can't hear the lyrics that clear. But above all I like the song. :) Maybe next time you should lower the sound of your guitar ;)

  • Jashon

    wow, sounds like john mayer!