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William Spears – Bad Man

Hey AGAIN, I don’t mean to be taking up spots on your site it’s just that I get solid advice from professionals and nonprofessionals and it helps me so much. My music wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for comments and feedback. I have a long way to go still and every bit helps. Thank You all. – Will Spears

  • Hiya’ William,

    Yet another emotional take from you…you keep growing and trying new things and I’m proud of you for it.  This is the first vid where I’ve seen you working with another player…it’s a nice addition…you both work well together.  Thanks again for sharing!



  • KowBoy Tom

    William Spears this is an excellent song. Thank you for posting it. Now go play at some of the open mics in yor area, that will also help you focus yourself. Keep at it!

    -KowBoy Tom