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William Spears – Tonight

My names Will. Been on here a few times, hope to get some more feedback that can help me progress. Thanks for everything! -Will.

  • Fabulous Will, you are very talented. I feel your passion. I assume you wrote the song….great song, nice hook. One thing I would suggest when writing is to create a melody in the bridge/chorus that goes higher in pitch. This essentially would be the “big bang” of the song. That is what is missing in your song. If you added a short bridge that took you up to G or A flat, that would be very effective. However, I know this puts challenges on the voice…but if done well the listener will reach a “climax” of emotion with you with your effort level, and this relays a lot of passion in your song. Hope that makes sense. Good luck. Susan McAllister-Bee http://www.beemusicstudios.com

  • Sara

    William – you have some lovely subtle tones in your voice.  Very easy listening and pleasing to the ear.   Only heard this one song, but would like to hear you singing in a slightly higher register more to contrast with your deep tones. 
    Sweet song – agree with comments below you need a key change or bridge to lift the song.  I’m sure this is a work in progress.    Really enjoyed your song.

  • Billy O’Con

    Dude-You have a wonderful voice. Great song–Nice lyric. Reminds me a little of John Mayer. I could actually hear him doing this song. Verses flow nice into the chorus and I like subtle change to the bridge–very tasteful. The only 2 things I would suggest: 1-A better guitar sound behind your wonderful vocal. I realize, it’s just a demo, but the better the sound–the better the song. and 2-watch your tempo. I like the slow, grooving tempo you started the song with, but you start speeding up as the song goes along and it feels rushed. Find your tempo, feel it, and lock it down. Play with a click track if you need to. I think this would make the delivery of your song much better. But hey, that’s not a knock on your song, I love it.  It’s just one man’s opinion and it’s still a great song. Peace to you.