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Winter 2015 Singing Competition Winner Announcement

Winter 2015 Singing Competition Winner Announcement
We’ve wittled the entries down to just seven finalists in our Winter Singing Competition… but who will take the crown?

We recently published a showcase article highlighting the finalists of VoiceCouncil’s Winter 2015 Singing Competition. Here’s a roundup of the finalists:

Finalist Overview

The high standards of the entrants continue to surprise the VoiceCouncil team, and choosing an overall winner was difficult. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the finalists for getting as far as they did in the competition, and we’d like to thank all entrants for sending in their fantastic videos.

The Winner

We are delighted to crown Noah Derksen as the winner of VoiceCouncil’s Winter 2015 Singing Competition. Noah’s voice was perfectly suited to what is a beautiful, original song. His distinctive sound, coupled with the professional but understated video, totally drew us in. He is a very worthy winner.

Watch Noah’s winning competition entry below:

You have a lovely tone – very contemporary and there’s a warmth there that makes your voice sound instantly familiar on first listen. Overall this is an accomplished, professional performance and I really enjoyed it.
Juliet Russell, VoiceCouncil’s ‘Vocal Coach in Residence’ November 2015

Honourable Second Place

Cinya Khan is fully deserving of second place. The VoiceCouncil team was impressed with Cinya’s powerful voice, finely honed dynamics and emotional riffs – masterfully performed and at such a young age.

Listen to Cinya’s competition entry below:

Your voice has great agility and the fluidity of your phrasing, plus the accuracy of your riffs, is really impressive. I really like the way you add lots of light and shade into the different sections of the song, and the way you support through your entire range.
David Combes, VoiceCouncil’s ‘Vocal Coach in Residence’ August 2015

The Interviews

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The Next Competition

The Summer 2016 Competition has already begun! If you are an aspiring singer and have a camera, make a video according to the Singing Competition Rules and send us your entry. Keep an eye on the Singing Competition Page and you may see your entry there!