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Would You Dance – Original – Dr Whisky

Bio: im just a guy who likes music. never had any lessons. just had good friends around who enjoyed playing music and drinking some beer. I started writing when I was 20 years old. I’m 30 now and trying to get by like the rest of you. hope you like the song. I hope everyone is doing great. take care. dr. whiskey

  • Nicole

    I very much enjoyed listening to this song by an amazing artist. I loved the original song. Thanks for posting.

  • Dr. Whiskey!

    I enjoy that you are an unassuming artist…the fact that you look as tough as you do and have this heartfelt side coming out of you makes for an interesting visual. I really like the picking in the beginning of this number. “Would you Dance” is a simple tune, easy to understand, and relate to. You waver in pitch on some of your long notes but overall you do a good job of committing yourself to the song…take deeper breaths on those long notes and you'll be fine! I also notice that the video is dragging behind the audio…makes it a little tough to watch. Outside of the technical issues, this is a languid and comforting tune. Good job brother :)