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You Are My Life by David Zaoui

I am a singer songwriter guitarist based in Sydney Australia. I use youtube as part of my music blog to inform my friends, fans and associate the latest songs I have written and their feedback. Any feedback from you would be most appreciated. Happy listening! DZ.

  • Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap… (applauses). David, great. I can say nothing more. Your colour, tone, key, push, positioning, vibrato, emotion, seem all of them great for my ears. You are a great singer.

  • Thx Paco. Your comments are much appreciated. Cheers, David

  • Walt

    Interesting use of chords, catchy melody, nice dynamics, great tension in outro,
    your passion shines through beautiful in both playing and singing, great soulful feeling in voice, love the tonal qualities,

    Well done man

  • Thx Walt. Much appreciated feedback. DZ.

  • ujiya

    Hi David,

    Enchanting tune…I really favor the guitar work…nicely done! “You Are My Life” feels like a ship sailing mid-Atlantic with no land in sight…just breezes and cool water. There's a smooth, reflective, tone in your voice that skips about the guitar line, throwing stones at memories…I really like it. This song is a nice piece of work. I'd love to hear it multitracked and mastered to bring out more definitive characteristics in your singing style and guitar playing. Some of TC Helicon's lighter processors could give your voice a lift and help with pitching during live performance. I swear by mine! :)



  • Thx for tips Brian. I'll take all that to note. One of these days will get these new tracks recorded. Cheers, David