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Your Aspirations?

This week we’re looking at your ambitions and goals for the future.

On our vocal journey it’s good to establish goals to motivate us along the way. Some of these may be small, such as mastering vibrato or tackling the next few semitones at the top of our range. However, for some these ambitions may be far bigger. This week, we’d like to hear about your goals for the future.

So the question is: What are one or two of your aspirations as a singer? Complete the following statement: three years from now I will be….

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: When singing or writing songs, from where do you draw your inspiration?

Paul Asley posted…

“Inspiration is a random particle, flying through space. If you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, one of these particles will interact with the right point in your head and you’ll have a flash of inspiration. Then it’s up to you to channel it, which is the tricky part”.

Tonio Romero wrote..

“From this powerful, intense, yet magical thing within…”

Renete Reynolds commented…

It just suddenly hits you – like a rush of ideas that are slightly scrambled and as soon as you start to play, they choose where they want to be. Y’know it’s early hrs of the morning, you’ve dreamt a pattern of lyrics – you dash out of bed to find a scraggly bit of paper to scribble on. I believe, inspiration finds us”.

Insightful discussion this week guys. Please keep posting, commenting and keeping this forum alive!

All the best, C x