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Your Audience Connection

They’ll like you if you like them first –says Jeannie Deva

As a performer, you have a special power.

Your audience is granting you this power just like you’ve probably granted it to other performers; it’s up to you to master it and use it well.

Otherwise known as stage projection or performer charisma, the ability to command your performance space is an essential ingredient of your song delivery and performance success.

This is true whether you’re performing for a video or at a live audience-performance venue.

Beginning The Connection

Your audience connection begins with your attitude toward them.

You may not know a single person out there, but they’ll like you if you like them first.

By extending yourself to your audience you help create their interest, their sense of acceptance and their receptivity toward you.

It’s a two-way street. What you give you’ll receive.

Good stage projection and audience rapport stems from extroverted attention.

The ability to guide your performance toward a desirable outcome begins with directing your attention and interest outward, rather than inward.

This is a skill that can only be developed with day-to-day practice; it won’t just magically occur when you step on stage.

Remember that your voice reflects your thoughts, attitudes and emotions.

Exercise: Choosing the Feeling You Want to Create

1) Just before you go on stage or begin to perform your song on video, focus on the feeling you want to create through your presence and your song.

2) Create in your imagination a sense of how you’re going to affect your audience, the overall mood you’re going to establish right from the beginning. Imagine it as if it’s happening right now. Even though you haven’t begun the song yet, mentally project this into your performance space.

3) Maintaining and continuing to create this focus, intend to involve your listener in the world of your song and begin.

My Reactions to This Week’s Peer Review Vids

David Wayne Fletcher – Beautiful, Beautiful (Francesca Battiselli cover)

David, this genre of music and singing really suits you—good choice of song and appropriate use of vocal processing for this style. You drove the energy of the song, which is part of the role of a singer. Well done! Also, your camera editing was quite interesting. Making this a performance TO the camera (and thus us watching) would have added even more energy. On just a few occasions you over-drove the pitch with a bit too much emphasis on your starting consonant. For a quick remedy on that, see my VoiceCouncil article , Resolving Pitch or Range Difficulties

Cathrin – The A Team (cover)

Cathrin – your voice and performance of this song is so pretty. I love the harmonies; they add wonderfully to the sound and tone of the song. Your guitar accompaniment also complemented the song nicely. In this video you were letting us watch you sing. However, I’d like to encourage you to work on your sense of audience connection. I believe your performance will blossom if you sing TO your audience. An audience connection is made by extending your energy to your listener. With this established, you move your audience into a world that transcends immediate reality and creates a new one. For more on this, see my article above: Your Audience Connection

Alan Page – The Silence

Thank you for performing to the video camera and resultantly, to your viewing/listening audience. I appreciate that you wanted us to understand the lyrics enough to put them up as subtitles. I think I would have understood you without them – a good thing. Thank you for the passionate performance; you built up the dynamics well. I encourage you to take your vocal work further, increasing tone and power. One element of this work is to let your vowels take the spotlight as they are your voice and carry the melody.

-Jeannie Deva

© 2011 All Rights Reserved. This article is adapted for VoiceCouncil Magazine from Jeannie Deva’s soon to be released eBook: “Singer’s Guide to Powerful Performances” which includes hundreds of linked video examples, over 200 pages, 23 information-packed chapters, 55 exercises and numerous practice and application tips. For a few of the exercises available, go to: www.YouTube.com/PowerfulPerformances and subscribe for updates. Follow @JeannieDeva For info on Jeannie Deva and her other vocal products, visit: www.JeannieDeva.com

Jeannie Deva is a celebrity voice and performance coach and recording studio vocal specialist with a list of impressive clients and endorsements. Jeannie teaches privately in Los Angeles and in the very near future to students worldwide via her Online Vocal Academy. Visit her new singer’s performance development channel: www.YouTube.com/PowerfulPerformances and her voice enhancement for vocalists: The Contemporary Vocalist Book and CD series and The Deva Method® Vocal Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs CD. www.JeannieDeva.com www.Facebook.com/JeannieDevawww.Twitter.com/JeannieDeva

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  • A S Page

    Thank -you Jeannie for those kind words. I have been working on my voice for a while. I posted that video a while back before I had even tried singing lessons. So hopefuly my voice is better now!