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Your Best Advice for a Healthy Voice

Your Best Advice for a Healthy Voice
Every month we seek the advice of our Facebook followers so we can all build better technique, careers and confidence. This month we asked:

What is your best piece of advice to all singers about keeping your voice strong and healthy?

It seems we are all a sensible bunch who understand that there is no substitute for hydration, rest and good health.

Liz Connolly advises:

“Warm ups and warm downs. Learn vocal technique to avoid straining. Drink plenty of water. When sick have Yogi Throat tea and Manuka honey.”

Edu Lopez agrees:

“Sleep, hydrate, warm up and love what you do!”

Martha Angelica Mora also provides solid advice:

“Drink lots of water and always do your warm ups.”

Christina Southern emphasizes rest:

“The three S’s: sleep, sleep and SLEEP!”

Susilawati seconds this notion:

“Consistently get enough rest.”

Joanne Walsh adds:

“Try not to sing when tired.”

Mark Ryan avoids the late night curry house:

“Stay away from Spicy Foods. Avoid screaming/shouting and talking loudly at all costs. Stay quiet when possible.”

Toney Razote also advises us to have a quiet night in:

“Avoid alcohol & staying up late.”

Demus James Stephen agrees:

“The less alcohol the better. More water, fruits, juices.”

Khushroo Lal touches upon fitness:

“Build up stamina.”

And Nathan Kling neatly recaps everyone’s point:

“Sleep, exercise, talk less, light warm-up, good diet and water.”

Dane Chalfin reminds us to not get too neurotic though!

“Moderate, but live! Don’t get too hung up on lotions, potions, diet, etc. Common sense is free!”

Even though we should take care of ourselves and consider ourselves ‘vocal athletes’, we can occasionally enjoy the finer things in life. When we suffer late nights on performance days, we can catch up through the week and condition ourselves ready for the next gig.

Tune in to your voice and learn your limits!

Over the next month, we’ll be asking what songs you add to a set to liven up your audience. Join the conversation on the VoiceCouncil Facebook page.

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