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Your Brand Identity

It’s time to communicate “who you are” musically to your fans –says Alicia Yaffe

You have to remember that “individuals” are smart and “people” are dumb.

What this means for your music is that individuals may enjoy the intricacies of your performance but, as people, they need a simple way to describe your music to others.

Without that simple description you will lose them and the potential fans they could reach.

When I speak about brand identity on this level, I’m not talking about a “picture” of your music or your album art, but an actual definition of who you are –a few words that you can communicate to your fans.

What do you sound like?

If people can’t describe it in a few words then you are losing them.

You have to give them those words.

For instance, some bands describe themselves as alternative indie pop or a solo artist might say they sing urban soul. I recently heard an artist describe their music as melodic noise pop.

Do you see what they are doing? They have chosen a few words to give people a handle on their musical brand.

Then, they will be able to blog about it, post about it, and share your impact with ease when they engage in that most effective publicity of all – word of mouth.

You Can Still Evolve

This does not mean that you have to stay stagnant.

Picasso had his red period, his blue period, etc. The issue is that people need to comprehend who you are in a given period through a few well-chosen descriptive words.

This is a brand-identity task. “I am a singer who sings about X.”

Everyone has a challenge describing their own sound – but the fact of the matter is that the Beatles sound like the Beatles and Motley Crue sounds like Motley Crue.

If you are gifted enough to be an incredibly diverse artist (like Daniel Bedingfield), then defying or transcending a genre may become a way to encapsulate your identity.

-Alicia Yaffe

Alicia Yaffe launched The Spellbound Group in 2011 to execute unique campaigns for bands and brands to build sustainable markets. Alicia applies her years of expertise as the chief architect behind the integrated marketing department at Rocket Science, where she directed social media campaigns, digital sales initiatives, and on-and-off-line events to build successful campaigns for her clients at The Spellbound Group.
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