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Your Culinary Mission

Singers need to rise to the occasion of their stomach –says Shlomo

Everyone dreams about touring when they are starting out – to see the world, go to a different party every night AND sing!

In the long run, as a professional performer, touring can get you down.

You’re away from family friends; you may not sleep well. There are incredible highs on stage followed by massive lows when the serotonin and adrenaline runs out and you’re sitting, yet again, on your tour bus, a desolate rail station or airport feeling miserable.

Food – good food – can compensate for these lows.

The Real Thing

I’m not talking about made-out-of-cardboard sausage rolls or service station pasties, pastries or other fodder; there’s nothing in these for your brain or your body.

I’m talking about good food, exciting food, food that has been prepared with creativity and complexity.

I make it my mission to find only this.

The Hunt

I travel with a sound engineer who loves food too – so we challenge ourselves to hunt for good food, quizzing promoters, venue staff, taxi drivers – anyone we think will be able to point the way…

I love the challenge and the discovery.

There’s always the opportunity to sample something fresh, to discover a new taste and to savor some incredible dishes.

So, if you’re ever tempted to eat a Big Mac – don’t do it.

-Especially if you are a vocalist on the road.


Alex Thompson – Changlings (Original)

Alex – You have a lovely distinctive voice and singing style. The song is beautifully calm and soothing, but I’d love to hear a bit more variation in your tone and dynamic – what would happen if you were to really ‘go for it’ for part of the song?

Michael Fox – Whisper (Original)

Michael – you’ve written a compelling tune and your vocal work is really dynamic and engaging. Since you’re so gifted, what I’m most concerned about is the monotonous strumming which doesn’t allow us to hear the dynamics that you are giving us vocally- until the very end. How about something simple like just pausing on the guitar of a bar here or there (or even a beat) at key points. Try this earlier in the song and see where it takes you. I’d like to hear more from you.

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Shlomo gave up astrophysics to perform his amazing vocal pyrotechnics. It was a good move. Since then he has won global acclaim and worked with some of the biggest names in music. He’s the 2011 winner of the World Loopstation Championships in LA and is now knee deep in a dizzying festival season including Glastonbury and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His next project is a brand new vocal project called “Shlomo and the Lip Factory” which launches with a new EP and mini tour in October. You can check out his latest news, tunes, videos and competitions at http://facebook.com/shlomizzle or

  • Katy Tucker

    Hi, I’m a singer / guitarist with Type 1 diabetes, are there any other type 1’s out there who have any tips for touring and eating –