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Your Diet for Performance

This week we’d like to hear your opinions about food and performance

As singers, the way we treat of our bodies is vital for the success and longevity of our careers. Unlike other instrumentalists we must remind ourselves that our bodies are our primary sound source, thus factors such as diet, exercise and other habits all play a role in our vocal performance. This week we’d like to know if your diet has ever effected your performance and if so, what steps you took to overcome this.

So the question is: In your opinion, to what extent does diet impact on a vocalist’s performance?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked: How do you approach the visual side of your performance in order to reinforce your connection with the audience?

Jeremy Thomas wrote:

“Don’t wear jeans & a T-shirt”.

Joannie Penman commented:

“For my tribute, the stage set up is so important. Look professional and make sure your kit is in good order”. 

Kerry Garside responded:

“This is such an important consideration… you never say that you’re going to ‘hear’ an artist – you’re always going to ‘see’ them”.

Larissa Tanner Posted:

“Get the audience involved”!