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Your Dream Duet

This week we’re looking at collaborations and finding out which singers or artists you would most like to share the stage with.

As singers we gain our inspiration from many different places but for many it is the pursuit to sing like our idols that encourages us the most. Lets dream for a second: what if we were given the chance to sing alongside our heroes? We’d like to know who would be your ideal pairing for your dream duet.

This week’s question is: Which singer or artist (past or present) would you love to duet with and why? 

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Great Comments from Last Week:

Last week I asked, Whether you’re recording or performing live, what is your favorite microphone to use & why?

Harry Gash commented:

“Neumann KMS 105 is a darling, but I’m just about to grab a Heil PR-35 as they are reported to be beautiful.”

Tony Carpenter Posted:

“I bought and have used the same SM58 from 1985 up until recently. I have the MP75 that just came with my second voice live (touch) this time. Might become my new favorite.”

Jeremy Thomas responded:

“Sennheiser Evolution e855. I experimented with a number of microphones, and this one was the best for my voice (bass baritone), and rugged enough for my mike technique.”

Thank-you for all the fantastic responses to last weeks question guys, keep checking back for more updates and posts.