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Your Dream Venue?

This week we’re looking at what makes a great live music venue. 

It is no secret that the space in which we perform ultimately shapes the outcome of our performance. Factors such as the shape, size and décor of our venue are all valuable contributors to how our performance is conveyed visually to our audience. Further to this, we must also consider issues such as resonance, equipment size & capacity. This week at Voice Council we’re looking to find the things that you look for in a venue.

So the question is: What three things does the venue of your dreams have?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: What advice would you give to other singers on how to use a microphone effectively?

Soumitra R wrote…

“Sing at a volume that is comfortable for your voice. Remember that the microphone (with the ability to boost the signal) is there for a reason. You can do a lot of damage to your voice from over straining your voice (especially when trying to be louder)”.

Bob Wyper commented…

“I use Sennheiser because it has a variable setting for sensitivity, allowing me to produce a rock voice that doesn’t feed back, but it can also be changed to suit a softer voice that needs amplified to be heard. Other mics can do that with trial and error”.

Cindy David posted…

“Make sure you can work the mic. If you can’t hear yourself you can’t be dynamic. You should be able to sing softly when it’s called for and hear yourself clearly. You can always back off the mic for a strong phrase if needed”.

Ted Hall posted…

“Be good to your sound guy… Holding the mic 2-4 inches from your mouth gives them four times the energy that 4-8 inches produces…That lets them get MORE of your voice, overcome feedback, and cure other room related problems… and along the way will make you sound your best consistently”.

Great insights this week everyone, don’t forget to tune in for next week’s Q & A

All the best, C x