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Your Favorite Piece of Gear?

This week we’re looking at the latest and best tech for singers

Following on from our coverage of the 2013 NAMM Trade Show, we’re searching the vocal world to find the best gear to help singers enhance and perfect their sound. Maybe it’s a microphone that’s left you stunned, or perhaps it’s an effects processor, PA, or monitor that’s allowed you to find the sound you’ve always been searching for. Whatever it is we’d like to know…

So the question is: What’s your favourite bit of gear you’ve ever used as a singer (microphones, loopers, effects processors, monitors, PA, etc.)?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: In the ever changing climate of the music industry, how do singers such as Elton John, Bruce Springsteen & Madonna achieve longevity in their careers.

Richard Tibbetts posted…


Andrew Caravella wrote..

Consistency. They stick to what they know”.  

Quincy Sean Stallworth commented…

By making themselves available and by living healthy”.

Insightful discussion this week guys. Please keep posting, commenting and keeping this forum alive!

All the best, C x