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Your Favorite Vocal Tech

This week we’re exploring the exciting world of vocal tech.

Let’s admit it, as musicians we all have a secret addiction to vocal tech. Forget fancy cars & designer shoes, give us a great sounding condenser mic or high quality PA system any day! But with so many exciting products on the market, how on earth do we go about selecting the ones that are right for us. This week we’d like to hear about the voice tech your using at the moment and how it is aiding you along your vocal journey.

So the question is: Besides your microphone, what’s your favorite piece of vocal tech that you’re using at the moment? 

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: As singers, we all need a little help from time to time. What attributes do you look for in a vocal coach?

Vaughn Kristone wrote…

“With many vocal coach I interviewed, I hired my current one cause she’s logical, her teaching approach is simple and uses simpler terms so it’s easier to understand, and she’s patient BUT with a little touch of “Simon Cowell”-ish honesty”.

Freya Astrella commented…

“Someone who compliments my strengths and weaknesses. They need to guide me through all the options without being overbearing”.

Luke Bernard responded…

“In my books the top things are the following. Passion for voice, which means continual study and growth in their singing and teaching. Ability to teach, not all singers can teach well. Holistic approach to voice training including “thinking” and vocal health”.

Judy Gosler wrote…

“I’m a vocal coach and am really passionate about my job and love teaching. I have in the past struggled myself and that certainly helped my teaching”.

Thank-you for all your thoughts and insights. It seems that the most important attribute you look for in a coach is versatility; the ability to adapt their teaching methods and style to suit your voice.