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Your Vocal Balance In Performance

Featured Video

Your Frequency In Performance – Vocalist Insight 22

Find the most effective balance for your voice in live performance – a leading vocal technologist shows you how.

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  • Right on Kevin!

    I appreciate your imagination and expansive thought process concerning voice and how it relates to any natural surrounding at any given time. And, not just human voices, but the voices of things that make sound. Just this morning, I was having my morning coffee on the back patio. Birds were singing, a had some trance ambient music cooing on the iPod church bells resounded.

    It was great coz they all just happened to be in the right key to resonate with the music coming from my room. As best I could tell, there were locations at different distances with bells and myriad birds chirping…quite a heavenly affair I must say.

    After all that, I sat back at my desk and read your video blog on balance. Thankfully you've given us some great tools to achieve this on our own. My standard settings for this, in my Voice Live 2 are: Delay = LOCUT: 103.7 and HICUT: 4096. For some of the airy passages my HIGHCUT's at 20480. Having the tone and pitch buttons engaged helps a lot as well having the tuning structure for each user set in the key of its associated song. There's a lot more editing than just delay freqs but that simple edit does a lot to clean things up from venue to venue :)

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