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Your Headphone Mix is Crucial

Did You Know That…Your Headphone Mix is Crucial?

Often a singer is out of tune in the studio simply because the headphone mix is providing an inaccurate pitch reference or a pitch reference that’s hard to pinpoint.

Always listen to the headphone mix when you’re getting set up.

For pitch reference, the best instruments to include in the headphone mix are piano and clean guitar.

Some of the big keyboard sounds include chorus, reverb, and other effects; these effects tend to obscure the pitch center, so they can transform the search for accurate intonation into an impossible quest.

A clean, non-effected piano or guitar definitively identifies the tonal center, therefore showing the vocalist exactly where “in-tune” is.

-Bill Gibson

Bill Gibson, president of Northwest Music and Recording has spent the last 25 years writing, recording, producing and teaching music. Bill is a best-selling author and has written over 30 books on audio recording. His recently released 6-volume set, The Hal Leonard Recording Method is already receiving high praise for its user-friendly approach.

You can check out Bill’s books here.

  • The pitch of the headphone must be set up so that you might know what to kind of voices you will probably used. That is why numbers of singers do choose the best quality headphones so that they could perform well when they sing. 

  • This is exciting technology imformation.