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Your Inspiration

This week we’re finding out about the music that has inspired you as a vocalist

As vocalists we are exposed to countless pieces of music every day, most of which will pass through our lives without us even noticing. However, for reasons often not known to us, there are certain songs and albums that manage to weave their way into our hearts and minds. This week we’d like to hear about music that has defined your vocal journey and the songs / albums that have inspired you as a singer.

So the question is:  Which song or album has influenced you the most as a singer and why?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked: Which singer or artist (past or present) would you love to duet with and why?

Jack ‘Hobnob’ Hobs wrote…

“Jamie Cullum. I love all the music he does, and he’s an amazing singer / piano player. My biggest inspiration”.

Craig Reiners commented…

“James Labrei or Corey Taylor, both men are underrated artists” 

Matt Colhoun responded…

“Sting. Ive always been inspired by his solo work and I’d love to share that with him. Plus our voices would blend well”.

Thank-you once again for taking the time to respond to our questions guys. Keep checking back for weekly updates!