Your Personal Motto

This week we’re finding out about your personal motto!

Your personal motto is that heartfelt belief that keeps you going through all the trials and tribulations as a performer and also reflects your attitude and approach to being a singer and musician. We’d love to know what yours is…

So the question is: “What’s your own personal motto when it comes to singing and making music?”

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Great Comments from Last Week:

Last week I asked, “What do you do to keep fit as a performer?”

Krystina Bowen posted some great advice on our Facebook wall:

never smoke, run, meditation, yoga, warm ups every day at least, and song write a lot :)”

Thanks for all your responses last week. We love hearing what you have to say, so don’t forget to join in this week too!


  • Guest

    Personal Motto: Even if its a small crowd we’d rather play brilliantly for them than take a night off and play to no one at all.

  • Animatic

    Learn everything, then forget it. Waht comes out will be your personal style, based on many sources of past knowledge