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Your Theme Can Save You

It’s easy to get in to this situation: you start off with a clever verse that rhymes well, or is really unique, then you stop.

What do you do then?

They key to moving forward in your songwriting is your theme.

Whether it’s “I love you”, “I’m over you”, or “stop and smell the roses”, your theme should be clear throughout the song.

Sometimes people ask me for songwriting help, and I usually find that’s where writers get stuck.

They don’t know what the song is about.

When I am in that situation I ask myself, ‘what is the theme that’s emerging; where I am going with this idea?

From there, think of possible outcomes— there may be more than one.

The chorus should nail that idea you come up with; it should emphasize the theme.

Second verses can be tricky, there are so many avenues to take, but as long as you remember your theme, you should be on your way.

Everything comes back to that chorus, that theme, and makes perfect sense!

  • EXACTLY!  People have favorite songs because it tells a story!  DUH! lol

  • Danadoll77

    I love this advice!  I started writing because of a songwriting contest about a year ago…funny thing is what I felt while writing did not fit the guidelines, but I enjoyed the art so much that I kept writing.  Wish I had this advice back then, during the process I learned this the hard way.  But now it is second nature to know…and my theme is clear in almost every song…I love writing anyway, and now I can sing the things I write with passion…