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Your Vocal Health Gig Bag

Vocal Rehabilitation Specialist Dane Chalfin reveals his tips for keeping your singing voice in top condition, working night after night.

There are so many products on the market for vocal health. Dane Chalfin shares the few that actually correspond with solid research on singing:

My Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

John Stevenon John Stevenon - Breakeven

For me, the tone is too clear from the beginning. I would love to hear more breathy tone in the lower range. The use of technology is really getting in the way of experiencing the humanity in your voice. Everything is too tuned and layered. Half of the battle in great communicative pop is creating an exchange of human emotion and this feels more like communicating with a computer. I would love to hear you without all the effects.

Dane Chalfin

Dane Chalfin is a leading industry vocal coach and voice rehabilitation specialist. His clients include well-known artists and actors and his teacher training courses attract professional vocal coaches and singing teachers from around the world. Principal Lecturer at Leeds College of Music and a director of the British Voice Association. www.21stcenturysinger.co.uk

  • Jody Shealy

    really good gig bag recommendations.