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Your Vocal Highlights of 2012?

We’re asking you to consider a favourite vocal moment of 2012

Let’s take stock of the mistakes and triumphs of the past 12 months and celebrate another year of great music. This week we’d like to hear about your favourite vocal moment of 2012 – it might be your own performance – or someone else, a song you’ve written, a piece of gear you mastered – whatever comes to mind…Let us know!

So the question is:A great gig? A lesson learned? A new song? A new release? What’s one of your favourite vocal moments of 2012?

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Great Comments from last week:

‘On which Christmas song do the vocals really cut through and reach your heart?’

Robert Bartlett wrote:

“Little drummer boy – Jars of Clay version”

Matt Colhoun posted:

“Christmas Song by Dave Matthews”.

Rita Castillo reponded:

“I Heard the Bells, by Casting Crowns”.

Shane Griffiths commented:

“I have a secret fondness for ‘o holy night’, it’s one i had to sing for work and enjoyed it. Especially the ‘fall on your knees’ bit”.