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(You’re Like) Snow On A Christmas Eve – Steph

Bio: I’m from the North of England, I’m 22 and I’m a singer/songwriter :)

  • Hi Steph,

    You get points just for freezin' your paws off in real snow, not to mention it's awfully difficult to keep one's voice up in such cold temperatures. I can't believe the guitar stayed in tune :) Although it's a cool approach it looks like it's getting a little painful by the end of the song and it does cause your voice to flatten out a bit. I'm surprised you got this good of a recording in these conditions. At first I thought it might be overdubbed but you did a very good job of staying in sync with the music if so. Hats off for an original approach…you had to bleed a bit for this one…no? Your countenance is friendly and you have an excellent sense of rhythm. Next time, be warm, relax, and give us some of that open passion that currently remains all bundled up beneath that heavy coat!



  • Lauren Tate

    Well done Steph!! Great vocal and guitar playing – In such extreme weather too!!xx

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  • Cher22

    Interesting lyrics. Nice sound on the guitar but it did over power the vocals a bit in a couple places. I perfrormed outside in cold and snow a few times and it was not fun! Overall, I think you did a great job! I would like to hear some more original songs from you in the future. I really like original lyrics and I think you could be a really good lyricist. U get a thumbs up from me!

  • Sarah Bella

    Love the creativity here! I love the use of a great metaphor to really paint a picture with words…excellent guitar playing. I like the performance in the snow, but maybe the next one could be inside somewhere with great acoustics so your vocals stand out as much as the song :)