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Simple Secrets to Online and Onstage Success

Madi LeeMadi Lee is a bonafide YouTube star with over 460 thousand subscribers and 170 million views, who has appeared on The Today Show.

She talks to Voice Council about her singing life in front of the camera, onstage and onscreen.

Online Singing Exposure

What are the pros and cons of posting singing videos on YouTube?
Pro: People all over the world have the opportunity to hear my music. That would never have happened without YouTube and that’s really incredible to me.
Con: Sometimes you can make really amazing videos, but it can be hard for people to find them because there are millions of videos on YouTube.

Are there any tricks or tips you could share with us about growing an online presence?
Post as often as you can! That way people can’t forget about you, haha! Also, followers love to hear what’s going on in your life and with your music so keep them informed and ‘in on it’ like family.

What sort of videos do you prefer making?
I love making music videos with my friends because they are a lot of fun to film and everyone always has a great time.

Keeping the voice in check

What sacrifices do you make to keep on singing?
Something that is definitely hard for me is not being able to swim very often, as I love to swim. (I often call myself a mermaid!) The chemicals make me hoarse, so most of the summer I get to watch other people swim in the pool, sadly. But it’s definitely worth it in order to keep singing.

Have you ever had singing lessons?
Yes! I seriously started taking lessons when I was 10 from an incredible teacher. I practice daily by singing opera vocalizes. If you can sing opera, you can sing anything.

How do you look after your voice?
I drink a lot of water (even though I hate the taste of water) to keep my voice hydrated, and when I’m not singing I do my best not to raise my voice. Lots of honey also.

If you had to wake up with someone else’s voice, whose would it be?
Either Demi Lovato or Tori Kelly, they both have such amazing voices!

Polishing performance

What’s the key to an amazing stage performance?
Have your family and friends in the audience! They make for a great crowd and are always excited to watch you sing!

A performance FAIL
Before I knew that swimming made me hoarse, I was due to sing a song at a music recital as a special guest. I went swimming all day before the show. When I got up to sing, barely a note came out! It was AWFUL!

A performance SUCCESS
I was invited to perform on The Today Show on a special segment featuring Inspiration kids. It was incredible! I sang Taylor Swift’s We are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

A musical lesson you’ve learned the hard way
You won’t magically learn guitar chords, it takes practice and motivation. At first, I didn’t like playing the guitar at all because I just couldn’t get the chords right. But I kept trying and didn’t give up and now I love it!

What have you learned about the music industry?
Sometimes you have setbacks and you just have to push through it. You can’t let a few setbacks keep you from doing the things you love!