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Prove Yourself With an Online Singing Career

Ruth Anna Mendoza is a Filipino YouTube singer with almost 20 million views who has just reached the finals of the Voice Council singing competition!

She tells us how she pursued her love of music despite her family’s objections and how she is encouraged by her online fanbase.

Building a YouTube Presence

What are the pros and cons of posting singing videos on YouTube?

The advantage I get from posting videos on YouTube is that you get to monetize your work. Which is good because it’s a win win for both. No cons for me.

How do you record your videos?

I actually just use my ipad mini 4 for video recording. And for my microphone I use a TM1 Tannoy microphone condenser.

What tips would you have for people who don’t equipment?

Just make use of what you have. Before I had my own gadgets for recording I tried sneaking our family camera in the middle of the night to make covers for YouTube. They did not know what I was doing back then. It was really hard recording at night when all were asleep.

How do you set the mood for your videos?

I really don’t talk on my video covers. I just sing all throughout the video.

Favourite vocal gear?

Voice live play acoustic and my iRig Pre

Being a Singer on Social Media

How do you keep motivated to pursue a career in singing?

From all the positive feedback and comments I read on my social media accounts.

How do you best connect to your fans?

Usually when I do a LIVE video on my Facebook and IG account.

Most important lesson you have learned about social media

That you can never EVER please everybody.

How much work goes into maintaining an online presence? 

A lot! I’m still having a hard time. Haha!

Overcoming Set Backs

What obstacles have you had to overcome for your love of singing?

The people closest to me did not believe I could make a living out of singing. They thought singing was just a past time and thought I’d get bored of it.

The key to a successful vocal performance?

Always sing from the heart.

Worse advice you’ve ever heard

“Start finding a legit job because you don’t have any future on singing and you’ll eventually get bored.”

Best advice you’ve ever heard

“Don’t listen to them. Do what your heart tells you to do.”

What’s your view of the music industry?

There are a lot of underrated singers, especially here in my country.

If you had to wake up with someone else’s voice, whose would it be?

Beyoncé, *diva mode on*.

Ruth Anna Mendoza is a 24 year old filipino singer-songwriter and YouTuber with almost 20 million views. She plays the guitar, ukulele and cajon. She recently signed at Viva Entertainment Inc. as one of their artists.

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