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Yuval Bilgorai – She Loves Me (Facebook Song)

This video is now competing on the TC-Helicon Love song competition – She Loves Me (aka Facebook Song) By Yuval Bilgorai

  • Khady

    Lovely voice and song Yuval!
    Hope you win the competition!

  • Great = just great!

    Love the lyrical switches…who doesn’t?! Quite fun and inventive…plus, the band and singer are completely awesome and in tune owith each other. I’ll check it out on Facebook :) Nice use of the tech too!



  • Jamesmeny

    I dig it!

  • Bilgo

    Thanks Brian :), this means a lot coming from you.


  • Louie Ongpauco


    I always listen and watch this video of yours, trying to learn how you sing. :) you’re one of my inspiration to do better. Good luck in the competition. =)


  • Bilgo

    Wow Louie! thank you!! to be honest, I won’t be surprised if you take first place, your voice is gorgeous dude!

  • Fourthstick

    Really good song – Very original – Nicely performance too!

  • Fourthstick

    Really enjoyed your song – Very original – Nicely performed too!

  • Wow, this is world class performance!

    I like that the brass section has a conductor, and the tightness of you guys as a group. The song has a nice speaking narrative intro that leads into this funky groovy fusion number. You are definitely fine musicians!

    Oh, and nice use of the Harmonizer and Auto Tune effects there!


  • yuval bilgorai

    Thank you very much Endy! you nailed everything we love about this song!

    Yuval Bilgorai